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  • 30% less time per claim.
  • Label your photos as you take them.
  • Guided reporting makes the writing process swift and painless.

What is ClaimCore ?

ClaimCore is a CRM system with tools for tracking, issuing, performing, and documenting inspections. It has all the tools necessary for scheduling inspections, navigation, photo capturing and labeling, report writing and revision, while keeping your client informed along the entire process.

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What we do .

ClaimCore is a simple CRM built with the adjuster in mind. Whether you’re an individual, or part of a team, we have a setup for you. With the tools we provide, you can use the same methods of Insurance companies to argue your case and justify your claims.


Take in claims with simple fill outs, and then assign these claims to an Inspector or Team Leader.

Your inspector will have this claim added to their schedule. When they get there, they’ll have our custom ClaimCam and guided reporting system to help them collect all the data you need. When they’re done, they can send their photos and report to the main office, where QA can look over and verify it, before sending the finished product to the customer.

If there’s an issue, everything is logged for you so you can fix it.

For Individuals:

Fill out a claim sheet with any info you need to track, and schedule a time where you will visit your inspection site.

The app will be at your side to make photo collection fast and easy. The reporting tool allows for easy, modular writing, which you can put together before sending it with any coupled photos to your customer.


The core of what we provide is in our proprietary camera and report generating technology.


A camera packaged into a CRM, designed to label your photos as fast as you can take them. These photos organize themselves in an easy to navigate manner, making the process of labeling and searching through your photos a breeze.

  • Built into the app.
  • Labels photos smoothly.
  • Self organizing gallery.

Report Generator.

Taking in input from the user, we store this information in a data structure. From here, it can be used to create a multitude of reports, all containing the same information but formatted in different ways, depending on your needs. This makes reporting streamlined and standardized.

  • 30% less time per claim.
  • Label your photos as you take them.
  • Guided reporting makes the writing process swift and painless.
  • Custom Formatting
  • Export as PDF
  • Streamlined Reporting

Custom Camera.

Tailored to your needs.

Custom Reports.

Easy formatting.


Clear Communication.

All Digital.

No paper to manage.

Mobile App.

All the power in your pocket.


Access for those who need it.


Everything is tracked for you.


Tweak accounts to your needs.


We’re always improving.


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